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The auction process brings quick sales.  There is no unknown period where the property is in limbo, not knowing if there are serious buyers for it or not.  The property is exclusively marketed within a 30-45 day period, and sol an closed within another 30 days.


Auctions also establish and build TRUE value.  Being driven by a competitive bidding process, auctions have the best chance at bringing higher than market prices in both individual and bulk property settings.  The auction creates a form of competition, and each bidder reinforces the TRUE market value of the property.  That affirmation of value stimulates others to get involved, thus creating a TRUE market.


Another reason to consider the auction process is that an auction can be a catalyst for motivating hesitant buyers into action.  The auction process brings any interested parties together in one place at the same time for the sole reason of determining who will pay the most for the property.  By holding an auction in this manner, interested buyers are forced to make a decision.


From the financial end, auctioning property can turn your asset into instant cash, usually within a 30 day period.  This lets you plan your investment strategy, and pursue opportunities that will increase your net worth.



The marketing aspect of the auction process reaches out to the masses in a more reliable and expedient manner.  Exclusive marketing plans, such as the ones utilized by YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY, include noticeable signs at the auction location, print media, electronic media, the internet and direct mail campaigns, and advance distribution of print media throughout the applicable area.  Motivated by an already set sale date, our marketing plans can place potential buyers at the property faster than any other means available. In other words, more people will be exposed to your specific property in a 30-45 day period than could be exposed to it in a year or possibly more through other means of more traditional marketing.


All in all, your property deserves to be exposed to as many potential buyers as possible in the shortest period of time.  Having YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY sit down with you and explore these options will show you the benefits, and get your property the exposure it deserves.

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