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The real estate property you own is either the most valuable asset you hold in the form of your personal family residence, or as part of a real estate investment portfolio which you have a lot of time and money invested in.  Either way, you want to make sure that when you decide to sell the property you will retain the most value for your property when it is transferred upon closing.


When you decide to use the auction process to sell your property, you want to make sure that the auction company you contract with is the best and can provide you with the most expertise and professionalism available.  Since 1987, YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY has assisted hundreds of real estate clients in helping them liquidate their most valuable assets, and at top market dollar.  And since 2003, our growth has allowed us to expand our services throughout the region, proving our sense of PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, and SKILLFUL excellence is backed up with our 25+ years of experience.


At YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY, we are thoroughly dedicated to helping you with all of your auction and/or real estate needs. We believe that success in the real estate and auction industry is attained through INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, and HARD WORK, as well as having an understanding of your unique needs.  You are more than a number at YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY.


YOUNT AUCTION AND REALTY will give you a free consultation to start and assess how the best way to market your property. Then we sit down with you and discuss how we can assist you in developing YOUR marketing plan.  We establish a timeline, a budget, and we go to work with what many previous clients will say is one of the most comprehensive and professional marketing plans in the area.  The only work left for you is to trust the PROFESSIONALS and to receive TRUE MARKET VALUE FOR YOUR PROPERTY.   

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